Upgrade to F39, my screen sessions are killed

After I upgraded to Fedora 39, I sometimes get thrown out, and all my applications are closed. My question is about GNU Screen sessions. They also get killed, why? I run a task in the background in screen so it doesn’t get closed when I log out, etc. But I just get the message it’s gone & I can wipe it with “screen -wipe”.

I’m less bothered about being ejected from my desktop session - Using nvidia proprietary driver and wayland, I’m expecting it a bit.

Try to downgrade mutter and keep an eye on it to test when a new version gets out. There are other topics where this helped to stop to get logged out.

Thanks for the tip - it worked! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but it fixed the issue with “screen”- I still get thrown out of the desktop now and then, when the monitor goes to sleep, but the screens are not killed.
(For some reason, some newer monitors appear to be more “disruptive” in their standby behaviour, and seems to disconnect and reconnect. This is probably the reason why it’s crashing.)