Upgrade to F30 - fails to power up to BIOS splash or anything

I upgraded my Lenovo Laptop (Thinkpad S5 ) from F29 to F30 using dnf system-upgrade and it all went well until the final restart.

Got nothing at all. Power light comes on, but there is no Hardware splash screen or anything. If secondary monitor attached (HDMI) then it seems to turn on and off about 4 times, but nothing more.

After many attempts have got it started by holding SHIFT during power on sequence. This only works about every third or fourth attempt.

I now realise I don’t understand how the boot sequence really works, after thinking I did for the last 20 years. I presume this is somehow related to the Flicker Free Boot, but don’t really understand how this can get in the way before the BIOS even initialises.

I have raised 1705290 – Upgrade to Fedora 30 Bricked Lenovo Laptop. Does not reach hardware boot screen

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I don’t know what caused the problem, but was able to fix the issue by resetting the defaults in the UEFI Firmware (BIOS).