Upgrade to 35: Sound is working, but issue with surround 5 & 5.1

I use wav file from this page. On there, we can find a zip file containing wav sample for surround 5.1and 7.1.

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yeah, this gets me to the next step. Both files from that page work for me. With the 5.1 and elementary-music I can actually use the 5.1 output and hear the numbers on a different speaker (I hear a sound on the subwoover instead of the 4). However, with audacious I hear a completely different sound/speaker distribution

Hi, just found how to enable count sound (4th count) in elementary music. But I’m not sure if this will fix your problem earlier.

First copy all pipewire config folder to ~/.config/pipewire

cp -rf /usr/share/pipewire ~/.config

After that edit 3 files inside ~/.config/pipewire (client.conf, client-rt, pipewire-pulse.conf) on very last line part to—all of them change to this:

stream.properties = {
    #node.latency          = 1024/48000
    #node.autoconnect      = true
    #resample.quality      = 4
    #channelmix.normalize  = false
    channelmix.mix-lfe    = true
    channelmix.upmix      = true
    channelmix.lfe-cutoff = 140

We already try this before, but turn out each clients (elementary-music, rhytembox, audacious) load different config. Thus config to make sure all of them load same configuration for lfe mixing.

After that run:

# Make sure all window closed except the terminal.
systemctl restart --user pipewire
systemctl restart --user wireplumber

# And check if there no error presented.
systemctl status --user pipewire wireplumber

Dear all,
thank you so much for the patience and the support! The changes described at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/upgrade-to-35-sound-is-working-but-issue-with-surround-5-5-1/72032/23?u=ingli and a reboot did it.
Happy new year!

tells us precisely what the various parts of the stream.properties mean.

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