Updating the fedocal entry

So Discourse supports starting new topics via email. Would it be helpful to have our Fedocal entry send reminders to the board instead of the mailing list that we no longer use? I switched the Fedora Council reminders yesterday and it is easy-peasy. This allows people who can’t attend the meeting to leave comments ahead of time. Afterward, the meeting chair can add the minutes to the topic. Everything is together. If we make that switch, I think we can disable the mailing list entirely.

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In either case, @pfrields could you add some co-owners to the Fedocal meeting so that other Editors can adjust it as needed (e.g. if a meeting is canceled)

I take it from this that today’s meeting (6 Jan) was actually cancelled?

Is there a link to the email interface description?

+1. If there wasn’t a meeting today and articles weren’t assigned/scheduled, I can edit one. I’d be happy to edit the Java article for publication. I’m less familiar with Btrfs and Silverblue, so I’ll leave those to someone else. I’ll grab the Java article from the review column right now.

I know how to add a co-owner so I added you @bcotton. Feel free to add more. I can’t figure out what email I’m supposed to redirect those notices to, do you know?

Oh I will. Mwahahahahaha.

I believe the pattern is fedoraproject+<category>@discoursemail.com. I’ll give this until Monday to see if anyone objects and then make the changes in Fedocal.

I went ahead and put it in – forgiveness vs. permission. I can’t imagine who would mind, since we were clear on moving the list at the time that happened.


Groovy. I’ll check on it Tuesday and (assuming it worked the way I told you) add that to the tech docs.

I just tried another email to this list and fedoraproject+magazine@… didn’t work. Let me dig and see if I can find the right way to do this.

The email address you send from has to match the one associated with your Discourse account (probably whatever your FAS email forwards to). So depending on which address you sent from, that may be why?

I did check that earlier, and it is the same. So if that’s the only known cause, I’m stumped.

Unfortunately, the default pattern is fedoraproject+<parent category slug>-<category slug>-<category numeric id>, so fedoraproject+project-Discussion-related-to-Fedora-Magazine-57. I’ve added the additional shorter alias to some of the categories … I intended to do it for them all but got distracted by a squirrel. I’ll do it for magazine now.

Tutorial with screens for old school mailman users would be appreciated.

There’s a pretty good guide on the GNOME Discourse:

We could probably use a similar doc.

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I’m not seeing any co-owners on the meeting entry. Did you only do it for one occurence?

I’m pretty sure I saved it as a change to all occurrences. [UPDATE: I just re-edited it and it seems to have taken, from a look at future occurences. :man_shrugging: ]

But there’s another issue, which is that the discussion board rejected the email from fedocal, and I got an email about it. Apparently I hadn’t entered my @fp.o email address as a valid additional email. That’s fixed now, so it should be OK next time.

Confirmed! I added asamalik, glb, and jakfrost as co-maintainers of the calendar entry.

Followup to this is here: Fedora Magazine fedocal calendar reminders. In short – new plan: fewer emails, more bots. Still controlled by Fedocal.