"Updating the ELN kernel NVR" fedoramagazine article contribution

Hello, I am Prarit Bhargava, RHEL kernel team lead, and I have a fedoramagazine article that I’d like to contribute about changes to the ELN kernel NVR.

Please let me know the next steps.

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Welcome aboard @prarit
The best place to start is probably herehttps://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora-magazine/

Take a look at the section on the left for the

  • Editorial Workflow,
  • Proposing Articles
  • Contributing as a Writer

You should propose you article in Fedora Magazine Discourse forum. The editors will take a look at it there and if it seems to be a good fit for the magazine we will open a ticket for it.

That ticket is the best way to track the status and communicate with the editors.

Be aware that the actual article should be created in the Fedora Magazine WordPress instance

We look forward to your article and thanks for volunteering to write for the Fedora Magazine.

Would this be a better fit for the CommBlog?


I’m unfamiliar with the CommBlog option. Can someone point me to it?

Just in case, I’ve followed the instructions and opened Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress which can be closed if necessary.

That’s not a question I can answer at this point. Who is the audience? If it’s contributors, then it’s the Community Blog, if it’s users/downstreams/other distros/etc, then it’s Magazine.

The Fedora Community Blog is a place for contributor-facing content. You can find links to the submission process and article guidelines in the menu at the top.

The thing that’s not yet clear to me is who the audience is. You say that it’s people using ELN images. Are those people (to the best we can tell) Fedora contributors or are they external to the Fedora community? Or do we have no idea?

Sorry 'bout that Ben. My apologies for missing your question. The answer is both Fedora contributors and the Fedora community should be informed of the changes described in the article.

I’m not sure that really answers the question in specific, but given what you’ve said, I think Magazine is a better venue.

Okay, I’ll update/close links so that we focus on a magazine article.

I’ve updated the wp article link Log In ‹ Fedora Magazine — WordPress

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