Updated to Fedora 35. It will not detect my speakers and anything internet is way slow compared to 34

I updated from Fedora 34 to Fedora 35 yesterday. As soon as the update was done my audio stopped. On settings I see that it does not detect my speakers. Fedora 35 seems to think there are no audio devices attached.

Also, anything that connects to the internet has become so slow as to be nearly unusable.

Everything was fine with Fedora 34 but now my computer is not usable as is.

My hardware is:
Intel 9th gen Core I7 (8 core)
32 G of RAM
2 1T SSD’s both use M.2 interface’s
Motherboard is an ASUS ROC board.

All hardware is about 1 year old.

Any help would be appreciated as I do NOT want to go back to the evil OS from MS.

Running the following in a command tool (found this in the link Matthew Miller replied with) fixed BOTH of my issues.
systemctl --user enable --now wireplumber

Thanks again, issues resolved. :slight_smile:

It’s probably best to make these two separate questions since figuring them out will be two different paths. For the audio issue, have you seen Common F35 bugs: no sound after upgrade?

Thanks. I put them in one message because they both seem related to the update to 35 but your idea may have been better.

I had not found the items you linked to and the first on the list seems to have worked for me.

Now I can get my internet tools to work efficiently again I’ll be a happy camper. :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!!!

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