Updated to 36 - Simulated Secondary Click does not work?

Updated Silverblue from 35 to 36. Config → Accessibility → Click Assist → Simulated Secondary Click is enabled but does not work. Not sure if this is the case for workstation.

● fedora:fedora/36/x86_64/silverblue
Version: 36.20220506.1 (2022-05-06T20:39:28Z)

Has this been tracked somewhere?

I don’t use silverblue.
Version 36 is still BETA with the repos frozen. It is due to release as final in 3 days and there will be updates available shortly after.

I suggest that you do a reinstall / update after the release to see if your issue continues then, and discuss the issue after the updates. That is the only way you will know if this is a bug in beta or in the released version.