Update throwing an error

Terminal update issue never seen this before how can i fix it?

The error says that the qt6-qtbase version that telegram-desktop requires is not provided in Fedora’s repo. Fedora ships version 6.4.1 - a minor version ahead of what Telegram “wants” to see.
There is not much you can do about it.

I would recommend installing Telegram from flathub.org - that way your are independent of any underlying frameworks or libs.

how is the best way to remove what i have ?

How did you installed it?

or will it be updated in a few days?

i cannot remember to be honest only been on linux a few months

You need to ask Telegram on when they plan to ship a version of their software that runs with qt6-qtbase 6.4.1 (or above).

(again: Fedora is ahead of what Telegram is expecting)

OK its just popped up release cheers for help this can be closed

let’s assume you installed it from the rpmfusion repository, then it is as simple as

sudo dnf remove telegram-desktop