Update layered package stuck?

Hi! Software shows me I need to update this:
glibc-langpack-ru 2.38-7.fc39 5 2.38-10.fc39

After restart it is still there. rpm-ostree update shows nothing.

I have layered langpacks-core-ru and langpacks-ru, both installed from Software and layered themselfes.

What should I do to remove it from Software? Thanks!

This is a side effect of F39 OSTree not getting updated base images:

That glibc-langpack package needs to match the version of glibc in the base image, so it can’t be updated until the base image is.


Hello there! I once again have same issue, three packages wont install and appear again after reboot:

glibc-langpack-en 2.38-11.fc39 > 2.38-14.fc39
glibc-langpack-ru 2.38-11.fc39 > 2.38-14.fc39
ibus-gtk2 1.5.29~rc2-3.fc39 > 1.5.29~rc2-4.fc39

I noticed that as well:

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I’m hoping the base image will be updated this coming week, and then all of those layered packages can update as well.

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