Update Fedora 36. Kernel update ->Nvidia driver removal


During dnf udpate:

I have the following message:

 kernel                                                    x86_64             5.17.9-300.fc36                                updates                                              164 k
 kernel-devel                                              x86_64             5.17.9-300.fc36                                updates                                               15 M
 kernel-modules                                            x86_64             5.17.9-300.fc36                                updates                                               53 M
 kernel-modules-extra                                      x86_64             5.17.9-300.fc36                                updates                                              3.4 M

Removing dependent packages:
 kmod-nvidia-5.17.3-302.fc36.x86_64                        x86_64             3:510.68.02-1.fc36                             @@commandline                                         35 M

and I don’t see kmod-nvidia-5.17.9... either in installing or upgrading section.

Is it safe to run an update or will it remove my Nvidia drivers?

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I have that when it’s removing an older kernel.It will build the drivers for the kernel it just takes a few minutes.You can watch system monitor and when the cpu usage drops back to normal reboot.

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It’s safe. The “akmod” package generates a new kmod-nvidia package for the kernel being installed.


Thanks! Just wanted to double-check :slight_smile: