Update error: missing directory

error: Checkout filesystem-3.14-2.fc32.x86_64: opendir(local): No such file or directory

What is this error for? I was doing this regular cleanups and I do get error and no help to go down in ostree. Can someone open this message for me?

Huhuu, anyone? I was looking that this is possible bug and join Bugzilla conversation. Let’s see.

Yes, this one is a bug and discussed in Bugzilla.

Nice! Could you share the link to the Bugzilla ticket? I can’t find it :frowning:

1838691 …

There was solution in Bugzilla, to get around this to rpm-ostree reset and reboot and upgrade and reboot. For me it works, got back to updates but lost other-hand Mobile Broadband in the earlier version and need to stick old one until upgrade what work with Mobile Broadband. I did not know that there was such a command though cleanup -m was the only option. But I would not recommend this command as it wipe you overlays what you have installed.

hello @juhafinlandvoaa
Yes the reset command of rpm-ostree reset’s your tree to the commit without layers. It is a last resort before you re-install if you are having such difficulties that cannot be overcome through other means.

Yeah. it was like last hope. Like in the movie I press enter and see what happen and then try get in track again. I was only missing zero and one numbers blinkking in the screen like hackers have in movies. It is so irritating in Linux that you have information there and here. You need to read tons of pages only to find out that it is for Debian or Ubuntu and not valid. And then guru told some command line text and you try and you end up mess. It was decade like this. I have approach to have knowledge that I can make manoeuvrers myself and not to rely this web information. I have such a level that start to see that some of the instructions are such a nonsense. I thought this is the main issues why not already all have Linux in home PC:

Well, the general Linux community is a wide spread diverse ecosystem. Fedora is one small part of it, and the distributed nature of most of the projects in Linux (generally speaking) creates info in tonnes of places. FWIW, I always start with the official docs (in Fedora) and also look a Red Hat documentation which is very thorough though usually lags a bit. I apply this philosophy liberally with any issue I am trying to solve. If I still need more, I look at the particular projects upstream doc’s, then howtos and blogs, more or less in that order. I find searching (with Google) sometimes brings in too much stuff, and some is very dated.

FWIW? But this is not America but internet. In Europa you can say what you want. America… sometimes, I am not sure about that corner. Sure in EU it is difficult to see outside that there is also countries. I found out that this official documentation is sometimes useful but in detail troubleshooting not so. In my Linux career it was not common to have blank screen, and then you need to make command lines, xwindows and what ever. This is Silverblue favor that you go back in a tree. What does it mean this projects upstream blogs. And Howtos? Where are fedora howtos? You mean search issue and howto?

Now, if I do have Bluetooth M2 Intel AX200NGW and OS can not find it. Wi-Fi works fast but also can not change bandwidth from 2.4 to 5. What will be abroach to find answer to this questions. I can find searching information but not relevant. Should I go then to look bluetoothctl or NetworkManager documentation? And also today update find Mobile Broadband. Only that it shows icon of Ethernet and not icon of signal strength.