Update again and again

It seems to be more stable now. It appears and demanding SIM. I will look some weeks. I have now set up where 5G WWAN is outside. And will install it to PCI, M.2 card eventually.

Naa, it is a bug. It randomly shows up. Can someone help me file bugreport.

Hello @juhafinlandvoaa ,
I would ask for you to start a new topic on this matter regarding the WWAN and 5G cellular card. I believe it merits having a better title that is meaningful to the problem. Also, @mpphill2 provided the bugzilla link in their response above, you will need to use your FAS id to sign in and create an issue I would say against the kernel maybe, unless someone else has a better group in mind.

I have already topic called Network Manager. I need to copy posts there. i will make bug from it.