Update after power off

After power off, fedora sometimes starts an update. Yesterday I did dnf update, Fedora updated. Then I needed to power off. After that power off Fedora showed the little black screen with “Updating do not …”. And I had to wait that out.
My question: How to disable this after-power-off-updating? (I always do an update after power on) Fedora 33 with Gnome.
Here is the thing I want to disable. 250f6d135a26c7580542f5c2ab126198aab4ea17.png


Looks like this is working:


uncheck the box to install the updates on power off.

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As I think to remember, in the software-GUI (Gnome, on my old KDE-Installation the GUI-Update was broken nearly since the beginning and I Just used the commandline) there ist an Option for “No Automatic Update”. This should enable you to decide yourself, when you want to Update.
I will Check tomorrow, where I found it and then leave another reply here.

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Not truely the next day, sorry, I completely missed it.
I don’t know, if it is still interesting, but I will post this anyway, maybe there is somebody, who needs to know it:
In the Software-App, there is a Burger-Menu at the top right side. The is a point “Update-Settings” (translated it myself from my german version, maybe it is named something different). There you could choose, if you want to have automatic updates.

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Using your solution did not work for me.
Following the info at fedora-31-disable-autoupdate worked flawlessly though and disabled the auto updates on shutdown with no other changes needed.

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