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Apologies for the terseness and the short notice, this is all coming together at the last minute.

Article Summary:
We would like to publish an upcoming announcement to the Fedora Magazine. This is time-sensitive and ties into an upcoming announcement at Flock and a blog post that will be published by one of our partners.

Article Description:
I have a draft ready but I’d rather not share it publicly as the announcement itself isn’t public yet.

If this is too fast for magazine, we can just make it a post in Announcements here. @dcavalca what is the timeline?

1730 CEST would be the ideal publishing time, but anytime between 17 CEST and end of day today would work here.

So, that’s (ideally) 2023-08-02T15:30:00Z?

I think if the magazine doesn’t work, announce-list is probably the second choice — that will go to Announce List here and we can share that url.

Yes, that’s correct (timezones are hard, but you’re right, that is the right time).

@dcavalca If you can have the announcement in the Magazine WordPress, it doesn’t take a lot of editing, and you can give us an idea for the feature image, we can probably get it published by the end of the day and most likely in the next 1-2 hours.
Fedora Magazine WordPress site is the starting point for creating the article.


Cool — Davide is on stage announcing this live right now, but I’ll forward this to the others.

I’m not entirely sure how to use wordpress but I’ve made a draft up at https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=38608&preview=true&preview_id=38608

If we need an image, maybe the one we use on https://fedora-asahi-remix.org/ could work?

Is that image under an open license?

It’s a derivative work of https://github.com/AsahiLinux/artwork/blob/main/website/asahilinux_laptop.svg which is CC-BY-SA 4.0

@dcavalca Your article/announcement is live at this time. Thanks for the contribution to the magazine

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround! Hopefully the next time we’ll have a bit more of a heads up :slight_smile:

You are very welcome and yes, a little more lead time always helps. :slight_smile:

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