Unusually Long Time to get to passphrase prompt screen with encrypted Disk on boot up

On a vanilla straight install of Fedora 34 to an external USB drive (full install) on bootup with the drive everything works fine, but it takes an unusually long time before I get the screen to enter the passphrase to unlock the drive and proceed with booting. it takes 1m 25 seconds.

This is on a Lenovo T420, which I know lots of people have.

The encrypted disk was created using the option in the installer, nothing fancy.

Does anybody know why this would be taking so long? Other distros I’ve used like MX linux don’t take this long before getting to the passphrase screen.

many thanks for anybody who can help? Or confirm this might be a bug of somesort.

I also have the same issue with a brand new Fedora 35 install. Any updates on this?