Unresponsive Lock Screen and Graphical interface (and TTY?)

I am experiencing an intermittent issue on a fresh install of Fedora 38 Workstation.

The operating system functions normally from boot however after a period of time, it becomes unresponsive. This seems to manifest in different ways:

  1. If the screen is locked:
    • The lock screen will appear if I press any key on the keyboard, but nothing happens when I enter the (correct) password.
    • The lock screen no longer has any option to reboot/shutdown the computer.
    • After entering my password once, the password textbox will refuse to allow me to type in it (it will also say Authentication Failed underneath).
    • I am unable to change to a different tty (using ctrl-alt-fX)
    • I haven’t found anything I can do other than force shutdown the machine.


  1. If the screen is not locked and I am in the graphical interface:
    • I can navigate around the desktop, but trying to launch any application will fail.
    • I can see an option to shutdown, but it has no effect.
    • I can change to a different tty, however trying to log in will result in the tty going blank.


  1. If I am using tty2 for example:
    • I haven’t investigated this but I will update with what happens.

This is really mysterious to me, so any help diagnosing the problem would be much appreciated!