Unlock keyring pop-up, disabling

And, how to get rid of pop-up? It seems to pop-up when Skype run. Also when ungoogled Crhome runs. I did not find relevant info about it. Like usual great diversity of distros make great amount of info. Have any do it in Silverblue?

All right. I was reading about the issue. In the auto-login in the boot key-ring daemon is activated. Normally when you login it unlock key-ring as they using same passwords by default. Now how to disable daemon not to start. I am also concern how not to out yourself from OS if not exactly know what to do. Can some one explain issue to me. I have some understanding but want to make sure not to make too much trouble.

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I was testing some variations. So if I cancel pop-up. I mean keep tabbing until it disable. I need to feed pwd for Chrome and Skype but not FF. Chrome offer Google pwd account. What is that. What happens if I keep continue Cancel pop-up. How to make so that browser store pwd but not that I need to unlock key ring. I do understand security and logic of key-ring. And why it comes like it comes. i was reading about. But in my case I do not need that so much in the home. How to make so that key ring Daemon do not start but also that I am not locking myself out w/o pwd?

By default Gnome encrypts your local passwords (ones stored by your web browser) and decrypts them upon login. When using autostart the password storage doesn’t get decrypted so you have to input a password when opening a browser. You can remove the encryption by installing Gnome-Seahorse and removing the password as detailed here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/q9t9f0/comment/hgyfuyr/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Joy. I can see that you are new here. You actually answer some questions. I make your proposal. It works. But this is not the good solution. To solve issue. There should be text why it is so. That key-ring and OS password are not the same thing. Also that this is security issue. Then when this is understood. Then user can configure. I would do so that in boot stop key-ring daemon to start up. I do no know roughly how to do. But in this matter I am scared as PC is in utility use and not for leisure. But if there are experts to tell this detail. I would value that.

The default keyring is there as a security measure to ensure that someone who may have accessed your user login may not also be able to access decrypted credentials locked by the keyring (assuming you follow recommended practices and don’t re-use your passwords).

In this case, the popup to unlock the keyring is working as intended. Disabling the popup and therefore the mechanism of encrypting and decrypting local credentials is actually less secure than addressing the popup when you open an application which tries to access the default keyring.

Also, just because someone is new to a forum doesn’t mean they are new to the ecosystem or the concepts. What @mrhaydendp said above was 100% correct.

Ooh’ do not be so emotional. I did not mean that. New means good and fresh ideas. I was expecting answere month. And he answere right away. There was informaton about. But like usualy it so distributed. One for Ubuntu, one for Debian, one for KDE ans so on.