Unison file syncronizer on Fedora 36


I’m coming from Ubuntu and I was using Unison to synchronise my files. It seems that there’s no easy way to install it on Fedora 36.
I found a similar question for Fedora 34, but there is no Fedora 36 file there.
Apparently it is not in the repos, there is no flatpak and not even an appimage.
I resorted to downloading the tarball from the project’s github project.
Is there a better way?

I’m using this croadfeldt/Unison Copr

Thanks @lorebett – a Copr repo is the way to go.

I am not running Unison right now, but I have in the past, and it’s nice to have the option on Fedora.

It works great and it can synchronize with the version that ships with Ubuntu and Arch