Uninstalling Default Applications

Good morning all. I’m currently using Fedora-32 Linux, but I don’t want the default Videos Application that came pre-installed (I installed VLC). How do uninstall the Videos Application that came with Fedora-32. Thank you

Hi, I also do not like this re-branding Gnome is doing, but basically you can find out here Apps/Videos - GNOME Wiki! that the apps name is actually “Totem”:

 Package                                        Architecture                    Version                                   Repository                       Size
 totem                                          x86_64                          1:3.38.0-1.fc33                           fedora                          1.6 M

This is to make it easier for new users to find the app in the overview. If you click on “preferences > help”, it says:

“Videos, also known as Totem, is an application for playing videos. You can use it to watch movies or stream media from the Internet.”

@march23: to answer your question, try:

sudo dnf remove totem

Please check the transaction to see what other packages are being removed also. I just leave the app installed here myself, even though I don’t use it.


Thank you Community. the command: “sudo dnf remove totem”, worked well. I am really grateful for the help rendered. Please keep up the good work.


This is greatly appreciated Sir. Thank you.

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