Uninstalled KDE and now my WiFi doesn't work in GNOME

I thought I would try life on the KDE side, so I installed KDE.

dnf install @kde-desktop-environment

I used it for an hour and didn’t like it. Logged back into GNOME.

I noticed that some Baloo indexing was going on, and that was KDE related, so I figured I’d remove KDE altogether.

dnf remove @kde-desktop-environment

I rebooted and logged into GNOME.

Oh no. No WiFi Driver. Huh?

What is the magic dnf spell to get my WiFi back on my Lenovo P72?

Thanks in advance!


I googled a bit and I tried this:
sudo dnf install iwd.x86_64

next, try

sudo dnf install -y kernel-devel akmod-wl
sudo akmods --force && modprobe wl && systemctl restart NetworkManager
sudo dnf install kmod-wl

reboot, etc…

Still no joy (or WiFi) in Mudville.

Ok, here is the answer.


Just download the file (iwl-blah-blah-blah.ucode), put it in /lib/firmware

Reboot and you’re good to go!

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