Unexpected system error...after being tained

Name: Kernel core
Version: 5.10.19-200.fc33.x86_64

A kernel problem occurred, but your kernel has been tainted (flags:POE). Explanation:
P - Proprietary module has been loaded.
O - Out-of-tree module has been loaded.
E - Unsigned module has been loaded.
Kernel maintainers are unable to diagnose tainted reports.

Can anyone help me solve this issue and solve this out…?

What this means is that you are using a closed source kernel module meaning that the maintainers don’t have access to the source code. Because they don’t have that access, they can’t troubleshoot or fix the issue if the problem is with that module. As an example, nVidia drivers are closed source and using them taints the kernel.

As far as helping you solve this issue, you’ve given us nothing to work with. If you tell us what the symptoms are, maybe somebody here can help you.


If that is really a problem and not just a cosmetic display that worries the OP we can help. If he is using the nvidia driver which always gives this message (because it is proprietary) then the only advice that can be given is to say “ignore it, it is harmless” or the alternative, “remove the nvidia drivers and the message will go away while you live with the FOSS nouveau driver for that card”

Can you tell me who are the maintainers?

Can you tell me what am I supposed to do… I mean how can I help you display the issue?

What do you mean by FOSS nouveau driver?
sry I ask a lot of stupid question :pensive:

As I wrote in my first reply, we need to know, at the very least, what the symptoms are. What is going wrong, what happens that shouldn’t or doesn’t happen that should. Right now, all we know is that your system is reporting a problem but you have a tainted kernel, and that could mean almost anything.

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FOSS → Free Open Source Software
nouveau → the FOSS (reverse engineered) driver for nvidia GPUs provided by default in the fedora distribution. It is not of the quality of the proprietary nvidia drivers but does provide good enough graphics for normal desktop use that is not video intensive.

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Fedora maintainers or single package maintainers do not have access to the source code for proprietary (closed source) packages.

If (as I hinted but you have not confirmed) this thread was posted because of a message concerning use of the Nvidia GPU drivers on fedora, then the maintainer of that driver is Nvidia. The code is proprietary.

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Yes, I have only received error message but I am unknown if it does any harm to the system…

**In most cases involving proprietary drivers, you can safely ignore the taint condition** , but some scenarios which cause the kernel to become tainted may be indicative of serious system problems.

Source : ```
kernel documentation.

That is a perfect example of “we can’t be responsible for what you do”.

They are cautioning you that most things are used with no problems but if there is a problem the kernel maintainers cannot be responsible for the use of a non-verified piece of software (kernel module).

Take that caution with a grain of salt, and don’t worry unless you actually experience problems. I have been running the nvidia drivers for years, as have many others.

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