Unexpected app (inkscape) crash in kde

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Unexpectedly inkscape is crushing in kde after 25min of using.
I’m using laptop with amd 5 th gen cpu with integrated gpu.
Kde version – 5.22. Desktop
DM X11
Kernel 5.14
I see this problem happens but not getting any solution

I run Gnome and Inkscape works fine here (AMD 5600G Ryzen).

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Hi @frankjunior Inkscape could be the problem. Did you visit the Inkscape forum? Inkscape crashes every other minute on Ubuntu 18.04 with KDE - Beginners' Questions - Inkscape Forum

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Yes i find it but it was not an issue in open suse even in my fedora gnome that is why i thought must be some issue in my installation but it is in kde and inkscape issue… but thank you

I have deleted that app and reinstall with flatpak and now no issues at all thanks all