Unclear about so many things

I don’t care about 6 months old apps or DE versions, However, this is a srys question please someone answer:
-How much ground is covered by DNF? could a DNF package cause stability problems?
-Does Fedora play nice with Flatpaks? (heading towards Fedora 36)
-Can I for example (not that I’d in a million years) Install PyCharm or IDEA or whatever which are properioSMTNG and their code base ain’t open
-AppImage question!
-I very much rather use a 2-month old software or package from the main repo than use Flat/Snap/AppImg but would you go for the repo version or the other ones?
-Gnome Integration with Qt-based world OR like some distro-exclusive apps that are only available as Flatpaks (KDE Suit, Elementary, etc)
-Building from Github repository, possible? in regards to a repo’s dependencies
-Does it have to use BTRSF, why is Fedora pushing it so hard?
-Dual-Boot stuff: win10 on one SSD, Fedora on another SSD; In UEFI mode (SCM Legacy off, Secure/Fast Boot off, Fast Startup off) GPT/NTFS for Win obviously, but for Fedora I dunno, should I just go all BTRFS or GPT/fat32, EXT4
-Speaking of interaction with NTFS drives within Fedora, can it harm or corrupt the data on those NTFS Physical Disks
-Finally, I have an 8TB WD MyBook2 desktop external drive (NTFS, USB3 Connection, ID as Hard Drive HDD (not external storage), Separate Power source) only accessible if its Driver is installed; But nonetheless, it starts up with the PC, even without USB connection, I gather its better to have these kinds of Drives connected, not like ordinary externals U can plug-in and safe-remove whenever you want, SO given this Drive (my worst purchase ever) doesn’t have Linux support, and I can’t pull its plug willy nilly, is there a chance of Data corruption without being able to interact with the freakin Drive?
Thank you God Bless

If you add the rpm fusion repos there is a decent amount package coverage. Still smaller than say what Ubuntu or Arch offer.

Many software providers also offer repos for their software.

I can get 95% of what I need from repos if you include 3rd party repos.

I am not sure how to answer this question. Any piece of software regardless of where you git it from can cause stability problems if it is sufficiently broken.

Yes, Fedora supports flatpak out of the box.

There is a COPR for Pycharm or you could use the flatpak.

Appimages work fine

This is a personal preference question. Do what you prefer. You can even make different decisions for each package if you would like to.

My personal preference is to install as much as possible using dnf and supplement with other formats when needed.

Sure, you can install software manually. Just keep in mind you will also have to manage it manually.

You can use a different filesystem, just use one of the manual partitioning methods.

You can do whatever you want but if you don’t know or have a preference, just use the defaults.

It shouldn’t happen in normal use but anything that accesses those volumes can corrupt them, including Windows itself.

I have no idea if Linux will detect and automount that or not. You would have to test.

If it doesn’t see it, it won’t access it and clearly won’t corrupt it in that case.

If it does see it, my comments above about ntfs volumes in general would apply.


Regarding building software from git.
I’d have a look at doing that in toolbox if you don’t mind using containers.


X many things go into x questions. Please be specific.