Unable to update to Fedora 35 - Error Running Transaction: package libjpeg8-8d1-4 is already installed

Hi all,
I’m attempting to update from Fedora 34 to Fedora 35 following the recommended process of using Gnome Software. After all new packages are downloaded, I receive the following error:
“Unable to upgrade to Fedora Linux 35: Error running transaction: package libjpeg8-8d1-4.x86_64 is already installed”

I installed this from a COPR - racloud.org:aflyhorse:libjpeg but I’m unsure how to resolve this. Should I remove this package? Will this break the software that relies on it after I’ve updated to Fedora 35 (assuming no other errors)? Is this an uncommon situation I’ve found myself in? Would it cause more problems if I attempt to update to Fedora 35 using dnf (I would expect to receive the same error along the way)?

I would really appreciate any guidance regarding how to proceed. Thanks in advance!

The recommended process is not really to use gnome software. The most often recommended process is shown here

Yes, you should remove the problem package, disable all 3rd party repos, do the update as recommended using the dnf system-upgrade process, then if needed re-enable the repos and reinstall needed packages.

In fact the download step will not complete successfully with either gnome software or dnf as long as there are conflicts that need resolved.

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Thank you! I removed the problematic package with sudo dnf remove libjpeg8-8d1-4.x86_64 expecting a message about dependent packages. As there were none, I proceeded to remove it and re-ran the update following the instructions at Upgrading to a new release of Fedora :: Fedora Docs.

I’ve bookmarked the link you provided and will use this moving forward!