Unable to resume system update

I use dnf system-upgrade to upgrade from F28 to 29, but the batery of notebook run out of energy and the process was interrupted during the long reboot installing the new packages. I can run the system, but several app don’t work (like Terminal). I try from console to run dnf system-upgrade or dnf update but I get errors in almost all repos (updates, feora, cisco, etc.: “unable to sync cache”. I don’t know how fix that.

First of all,

dnf distro-sync

then upgrade to supported release


Thanks. It’s works.
Now I stalled in f29, can’t update to 30. Well, it’s a new topic.

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You could theoretically skip F30 and upgrade to F31, which is still supported for a few weeks. At least you save yourself one sys-upgrade process. Or you upgrade to F30 and then jump to F32…

For your reference:

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