Unable to open cryfs folder

I am unable to open cryfs folder. After I input the password and press enter I get the following error.

Deriving encryption key (this can take some time)…done

Filesystem configuration:
- Filesystem format version: 0.10
- Created with: CryFS 0.11.3
- Last opened with: CryFS 0.11.4 → 0.11.3
- Cipher: xchacha20-poly1305
- Blocksize: 16384 bytes
- Filesystem Id:
[] [Log] [error] Crashed: Deserialization failed - missing nullbyte for string termination

I have not shown the filesystem id above.

Operating system: Fedora Kinoite 39
Linux kernel version: 6.5.11-300.fc39.x86_64
Cryfs version : 0.11.3

I was able to open the same cryfs folder using a live image of Debian 12