Unable to login to Copr

I had forgotten my password for Copr, and so I reset it.

After changing my password, I have been unable to login to Copr using my new password as the site follows more than twenty redirections upon pressing the login button.

Might this be related to the new FAS?

Yes, it could be. Can you log into https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/ directly?

I am able to, yes.

I made another attempt today and was able to login successfully.

The ‘approval’ thing was set to ‘Never’, whereas before I had it set to ‘7 Days’.

I had cleared my browser cache and cookies last night, but after doing that and restarting the browser it was still unsuccessful, and I was getting Error 400, or Error 401.

Strange. :fedora_thonk:

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I guess we’ll chalk this up to “account migration weirdness”.


Would it be possible to warn users that email addresses aren’t accepted any longer? I think that may have been the issue I was having. I read another post, I cannot remember where, that stated that email addresses were not supposed to be accepted a while before the Fedora Account System upgrade/maintenance.

We are actually investigating if we can re-enable that functionality, or at least get a useful error message. Hopefully we will know more soon…


Sounds great!

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