Unable to login after editing .bash_profile


If the .bash_profile is edited, after reboot, the user login via Fedora 34 GUI is allowed to start, however then freezes prior to showing desktop. Black screen with frozen mouse pointer. Advice? Thank you.

Note: logging in as root, and removing the edits restores normal operations. Seems as if editing .bash_profile crashes future user-level login.



Does it happen to have VT-d and VT-x enabled ?
Mine doesn’t even load the live boot with VT-d features enabled in the bios.

Also, it may ship with “exotic” hardware. I know it’s not a good thing but try disabling “secure boot” too, just for a test.
Hope this helps.

I would guess that depends on what changes were done when .bash_profile was edited. You might try just one tiny thing at a time to see exactly which causes the problem, then analyze why.