Unable to login after creating home subvolume in separate drive

I have fedora 38 xfce installed in virtualbox and wanted to see if I could make a new home subvolume in a separate drive since I am planning to add an nvme ssd on my main machine later.
Here is what I did:

created a virtual harddrive (vhd)
formatted it to linux lvm
created a volume group and a new volume in it.
created a btrfs filesystem with mkfs.btrfs in the new volume
mounted it to /mnt
created a home subvolume which I verified with “btrfs subvolume list -a ”
moved my home directory to the new subvolume
changed default home directory with “usermod”
edited fstab to add the new volume and commented out the older one.

result of “mount” command:

/etc/fstab entries

system specs:

So far everything works fine. Tried ssh-ing from the host machine and it lands me on the new home directory and all bashrc and profile files looks fine.
BUT login through lightdm is not working. It accepts the password, blacks out as if its actually logging me in but then returns back to the login screen. Root login works fine as before.
Any advice or suggestion is greatly appreciated.


The journal should have some hints what’s tripping things up.

journalctl -f from another shell, including ssh, and then try to login through lightdm and watch the journal entries live as things happen.

Ok I don’t know what happened but it suddenly works. I can login now!
I have checked findmnt, lsblk, fdisk -l and fstab entries and everything seems
to be in order just the way I configured them.
Seems like I am set for the new ssd.

For anyone in the future with the same problem, just do a reboot.

Thanks anyway!