Unable to log in to GNOME

I have the issue as shown in this video. I’m not sure how to reproduce this bug, but one possible cause could have been that I was configuring my Java environment (JAVA_HOME env stuff, etc…). Although I don’t believe that’s the actual cause, that was the only thing I did before the occurrence of this problem.

When I try to log in to GNOME on GDM, I’m stuck in a loop. It “works” when I switch to Xorg, but after I log in, I don’t have access to any programs, not even the terminal emulator.

I originally thought the issue was something else as I posted this topic, but as stated by Davide Cavalca, that’s not the issue here.

Just for reference: my system is M1 MacBook Air, 8 GB memory.

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I have similar problems with login manager and after I switched to gdm everything worked

It almost looks as if it’s missing Wayland/GNOME or a reference to start Wayland/GNOME from the display manager.

Have you looked at the output of journalctl to see if it the Systemd journal reports additional clues as to what is happening?