Unable to get wpa_cli working

wpa_supplicant is under Netmanager control, but does not run it as a daemon
So there is no pid for it hook in a change / read WiFi configuration settings.
Pretty important to me to isolate problems with flaky or abused WiFi environments

I did find a system file with a text line for wpa_supplicant that suggests additional
parameters can be added, but all I ever succeeded in doing was making the WiFi
access completely unusable/unavailable after boot.

What is the best /safest way within Fedora to make wpa_cli commands available
at all times the WiFi is scanning or connected?

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12 Days, No responses.
Could someone post this as a BUG please? I do not have an account
on the forum, or whatever bug tracking system Fedora Uses…

wpa_cli is included as a binary, but the Fedora37 mobile system I built
starting from the LXDE Live DVD does not allow it to run!

It is important to me; perhaps I can run wpa_supplicant and wpa_cli
independently of netmanager? But I have absolutely no idea on how to
achieve that.

It is very frustrating to read “INFO” messages only from the syslog target,
and have no ability whatsoever to find out what the state information of
the WiFi settings and sessions are when debugging a bad connection/flaky

Apparently you do since you have posted here.
Bugs get filed at bugzilla.redhat.com and you can use the same FAS account info as is used to log in here.
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