Unable to edit jwhois.conf file

using Fedora 34
trying to update /etc/jwhois.conf
become root
sudo -i
or sudo su
find jwhois.conf
scroll down with mouse to find the pertinent line
edit line with nano
hit ctrl + o
file will not save
terminal hangs
manually close terminal
try it again
exact same way
attempt to save file with ctrl + o
terminal hangs
absolutely positively will not let me save the file despite root privs

what am I missing?
is there a special command to become root to edit the jwhois.conf file?

was able to successfully edit previously with nano
after the latest update to fedora, suddenly I can no longer edit the file in question

I am not using vim
I use nano
pls do not suggest vim

and btw here’s what the file looks like
each time cli timed out it saved the file with a numerical increment
I become root to delete and it tells me the file doesn’t exist

what am I doing wrong?

when I become root and attempt to run ls -l on jwhois.conf
I get this
$ ls -lat jwhois.conf
ls: cannot access ‘jwhois.conf’: No such file or directory

what am I doing wrong?
how can I fix this?


terminal kept timing out
multiple jwhois.conf.save numbered indiv 1-5

after much bullshit, finally the jwhois.conf file saved

WTF is wrong with Fedora 34?
each time it’s updated, it borks something else

This is PEBCAK

On my fedora 34 system the jwhois.conf file is located at /etc/jwhois.conf

Editing that file has never been an issue, though it must be done as root, usually with the command sudo nano /etc/jwhois.conf
Permissions on the file are these

$ ls -l /etc/jwhois.conf
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 77898 Apr  2 22:15 /etc/jwhois.conf