Unable to Dual Boot TinyCore Linux Under Fedora 36

Hi. I executed a frugal install of TinyCore Linux (64 bit) to the same HDD holding Fedora 36 LXDE to dual boot my Dell Inspiron Duo Legacy BIOS laptop. No other drives in the laptop.

sda1 is a 1gb boot partition and sda2 is the encrypted partition on a 320GB HDD. No other partitions.

TinyCore installed itself to:

Grub is at:

Fedora never added a grub entry for TinyCore. I executed the sudo os-prober command and it returned me to a blank command line without any error message so I assume it did not find TinyCore. TinyCore is designed to run in RAM as much as possible if that makes a difference.

Not sure how to proceed from here. Thanks for any guidance.

I suspect you will have to manually create a grub menu entry for booting TC. This is one thread that discusses that. There are many more related to manually creating a grub menu entry.

Thank you for the response. I will review the related posts.