Unable to connect with "Wired Connection" on Fedora 37

Hi there,

I am trying to work out why I cant seem to connect with a wired connection on Fedora 37 Workstation.

I am however able to connect to the modem with a wireless (WiFI) connection.

Unsure what happening here, if anyone could offer help would be appreciated.

Try to deactivate Automatic DNS and put a fix one in like or to see if this helps.

And here where my Idea comes from:

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ah your solution above worked, if i want to type in two IP addresses I put a gap after the space like this :,

is that right?

Yes this works.

The secondary DNS of Cloudflare is and primary is
Check also https://one.one.one.one/family/ there are two alternatives mentioned on the bottom of the page.

And google’s DNS is and

Just that you not mix them up.

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