Unable to build packages through my Koji instance

I have setup a local Koji instance on my PC. While the documentation seems outdated and in many ways wrong, I am pulling through for the most part, except my builds keep failing, and I am not sure why.

What works : koji client to hub interaction (using moshimoshi) works. Web interface works.

Here’s what I tried : Create 2 tags - f37-build and f37-dest. f37-build is the parent tag from which f37-dest inherits. Create target f37-target with the build and destination target (the ones mentioned before)

In my kojid configuration, I put allowed_scms=https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms

In the build tag f37-build I add external repository :

Then I created build groups associated with the build tag - build and srpm-build.

Added the build-sys group packages by referring to the fedora comps file, to the build group I created.

Now koji-hub knows the location of rpm repo to solve dependencies and builders know where they can downloaded source packages from. The build group knows what packages to populate in container to build packages.

Unless I am missing something, this should be all that is needed.

But any task I assign fails. I did a koji regen-repo and it fails. Trying to build a simple package like banner fails. Here’s the error I got
GenericError: Unsuccessfully waited 120:19 for a new f37-build repo

Kindly let me know what is that I am doing wrong.

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I moved this to the Ask Fedora category since it’s about your Koji instance, not the one in Fedora infrastructure. But you’ll probably have better luck in the places the Koji project recommends:

Mailing lists:
Development: koji-devel AT lists.fedorahosted.org
User discussion and Fedora-specific topics: buildsys AT lists.fedoraproject.org
IRC chat: #koji on libera.chat

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