Uid Toolbox Fedora 31

Hi all.
I’m trying to create a container with Toolbox in Fedora 31 Silverblue. But… It doesn’t work:

$ toolbox -v create
toolbox: running as real user ID 1000
toolbox: resolved absolute path for /usr/bin/toolbox to /usr/bin/toolbox
toolbox: checking if /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid have entries for user
toolbox: /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid don’t have entries for user
See the podman(1), subgid(5), subuid(5) and usermod(8) manuals for more

Any idea how to fix it?


You need to add entries into subuid and subgid files…

Assuming /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid are empty then something like this will help (substitute fred for your user name)…

sudo sh -c 'echo "fred:100000:65536" >> /etc/subuid'
sudo sh -c 'echo "fred:100000:65536" >> /etc/subgid'

If you do have entries in the file then you will need to adjust the 100000 value so that they do not overlap.