Ubuntu asking about gaming

Ubuntu is asking about how to improve gaming on it’s distro. Input latency is a consistent complaint. I’ve never noticed it on Fedora but I’m also not usually playing a game where it is super important. I played Tomb Raider without feeling that input latency was a problem. They also complained about slow updates to mesa and wine. I think Fedora is pretty good with that but then again I’m not using recent hardware. Nothing is going to make my integrated Intel graphics become speedy.

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To me it seems like Ubuntu has a small problem keeping steam, lutrus, and other necessary packages up-to-date. On Fedora I don’t think we have that problem, I get regular updates on the Steam package.

With input delay, that could be multiple things, the fork of gnome that they use for ther desktop environment, graphic drivers, how they have various stacks implemented, etc. Personally on my Fedora system I have had no issues and I have played a gambit of game ranging to relatively new to older games and have had no issues.

Another point I saw was that a Ubuntu user was struggling with the Bluetooth stack. On Fedora that is not an issue, I’m using my PS4 controller via Bluetooth on my system and it perfectly.

My biggest concern for us is showing people that Fedora is not just a fast moving enterprise OS, but that we are a stable desktop for all walks of life no matter if your a technical person or someone who checks emails, watches YouTube videos, and plays games.

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I’ve been gaming on Fedora for 5yrs, Keeping packages up to date and including many packages that Ubuntu simply didn’t have has also never been a problem (faudio issue comes to mind). Fedora using a vanilla Gnome experience and staying on the cutting edge really makes it a proper distro for gaming. There are also other factors that are non distro related (wine-staging, mesa etc) that users need to consider.

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