Two questions regarding Anaconda and


1.-Is it possible to choose Systemd-boot boot loader instead of Grub? If so, how could it be done?

2.-Is it possible to choose “/efi” as the ESP’s mount point (instead of “/boot/efi”)? It isn’t shown as a valid option in dropdown button and when I write its path manually I get an error


Not during install. However, it is very easy to convert a fedora system system-boot after the fact because of the fact that Fedora is already using kernel-install. You basically just remove grub and install systemd-boot.

I don’t believe that Anaconda supports that. However, it is, again easily done after installation if you choose to convert to systemd-boot.


Thanks a lot.
Hope Anaconda could automate this in a easy manner some day soon. It’s a pity having an installer which goes behind.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that another thing Anaconda doesn’t do well acording to the Discoverable Partition Specification is assigning the correct GUID to root, home, etc partitions…because it assigns the generic one. Luckily, this change can be easily done (again, after a finished installation) easily by using fdisk → “l/t” options and, optionally, “x” → “S” ones