Two internet connecion at home, ADSL and TDE LTE

I have two internet connections in my home. one of them is ADSL connection and another one is TDE LTE connection,
I have desktops and laptops and smart TVs and two raspberries,
some devices connect to the ADSL modem and some devices connect to TDE LTE modem,
they are in separate networks and I want to connect the ADSL network and TD LTE network together and I want two networks can see each other.
How I can connect two networks and use them at the same?

This isn’t really a Fedora question, and you’ll probably be better off asking it on a networking forum (Stackexchange/overflow?)

I’ll leave the topic open for the time being, but we may need to close it as off-topic later.

OK thanks
I think Fedora users are expert and had some experiences like this before and can help

It is considered off topic unless you are going to use Fedora as the Router.


I suggest you go to and ask in the networking forum.

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OK, I’ll close this then. Thanks folks.