Two bluetooth adapters and a manager

Recently moved to Fedora in (successful) hopes of eliminating problems with Keychron KB pairing.

Opened the next chapter of Keychron having a clearly weak BT transmitter (I have a Corsair mouse and Sony xm3 headphones in LDAC… and they do not share the problem). So a USB BT adapter was ordered.

After arriving, I used rfkill to (as I thought… and was wrong) disable the integrated one. But after some time I realized that the keyboard was still connecting to the internal BT adapter (either that or that USB adapter has mystic powers, which allows it to be connected only once).

There came a game of disabling internal BT module from BIOS (with the WiFi module), which wasn’t the option.

Next was blueman. That one helped me realize that both modules can work in parallel and even be of benefit (the BT module turned out to have very limited range and aptX support, which the internal BT have didn’t lack of.

But pairing Keychron through blueman returned me to the original problem - keyboard failed at reconnecting when I simply turned it off and on (I read the articles before and used Trust). I removed that package and reconnected the keyboard through Gnome’s default BT manager - that did the trick (and brought the idea that Fedora’s default manager does things differently).

But there my tests didn’t stop. I realized that I want the headset be connected to the internal BT adapter and the peripherals to the USB one. There I discovered that the BT manager in the top was showing “You can connect to this device by the name ‘fedora #2’” (that was shown in blueman as the Second adapter.

Only after removing that adapter and opening Settings once more I got it to show “…fedora”. And by pairing it that way showed that I connected to the internal BT adapter (sound check did verify that).

Reconnecting the USB adapter didn’t interfere, and now I have headphones getting connected to internal and keyboard/mouse to USB.

But the question remains - is there an appropriate bt manager that I can use (and have everything according to the operations, which does Gnome` “Bluetooth Manager”)?

I do not know if bluez whould be a alternative?
I have it installed and it seams to work.

I think this is what I actually installed - bluezman. It works well, but Keychron is special and has something half-baked in terms of pairing with Linux (you can find quite a few questions with Keychron not being able to RE-connect to Linux distros). I had no problems pairing it with both the mouse and headset, but with the keyboard it failed (it did configure it for the initial pairing and it worked fine, but not the RE-connect part).