Upgrade repository for fedora 35 Work in progress , do not install

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Instructions not filled in by author. Author knows what to do. Everybody else should avoid this repo.

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Could you include triple buffering patch (1441) for mutter?

Sorry but this repository follows original source code of fedora 36 , however I will consider adding the possibility to add this patch but in a separate repository to evitate problems and bugs.

Hey! Thanks for your work.
I’m having some issues with some package that I added to a pastebin, if you can take a look and if you have any idea about that:



there are no 32bit packages in the repository :face_with_thermometer:

The repository tries to bring gnome without altering the base system too much, avoiding problems that can arise. If I added other packages I would undermine the stability of the system.

You can always fork my repo for your specific case :grinning:

Alright then what the hell is going on… Haha I will maybe just revert everything. Thanks anyway! Have a nice day.

sorry , :sweat_smile: maybe the problem is wine because unfortunately I have not added 32 bit packages for simplicity

hey could you build this for arm64/aarch64?