Trying to reinstall FC32 on dual boot Mac

I have a Mac that had FC31 on. I managed to smoke the network totally now trying to cleanly install FC32. I go through blivet deleting the old linux partitions. When it comes to committing the changes I get a white dialog box with:

“Failed to find a suitable stage 1 device: EFI System Partition cannot be of type EFI…”

and so on. Any ideas how I can get round this?

Never mind. I found a route through the installation. It’s installing now.

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It’s smoked the Mac boot, but that’s not a hardship.

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Hi, if you have a moment, maybe briefly post what you did to solve your problem & then mark that post as a solution? That way, if anyone else encounters this issue they can profit as well.

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I went through exactly the same route but via the troubleshooting menu.

Possibly an uncaught/unfixed error?