Trying to move port forwarding from old server to VM

I’m moving several servers to running as VM’s on a single server. I have the VM’s created, bridge networking for each of them so they are on my network (no NAT). The firewall is currently pointing port 5555 to the server I’d like to retire. The VM is running. When I change the firewall to point to the VM IP, I can’t connect to the VM from the outside. When switching the firewall to the old server IP, I can connect from the outside to the old server. SELinux is off on the VM and host server. Firewalld is disabled on VM and host server.

Is there some setting for the VM I’m missing? I just can’t figure this one out.

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Is the firewall on the VM configured to allow incoming connections on port 5555?

I made sure the firewall for the VM was off, to eliminate it being a problem.

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I missed seeing that in your post – my bad!

Just to clarify my understanding.
When you say pointing the firewall to the old server or the VM I understand that you mean you are using port forwarding on the firewall/router between you and the internet, and that you are redirecting incoming packets from the internet to port 5555 on your local network old server or VM. Is that correct?

Can you connect ot that VM from the local network in any other way?
Have you tried connecting to that port on the VM from your local network to avoid the port forwarding issue? Does that work?
If it does then the issue may be with the firewall/router config. If it does not then the issue would seem to be with the VM config.

@awshirley do you have libvirtd.service enabled on the host?

@ersen, yes the libvirtd service in enabled and running on the host.

@awshirley Have you verified that routes are set properly on the VM? Is the default gw the right one? Are the bridge devices shown properly when you execute brctl? How did you configure the bridges anyway, with NetworkManager or via static interface description?

Also, please answer the questions from @computersavvy: can you connect in any other network way to the VM from some local network or even the host?

@liquidat I have verified all that you’ve requested. I finally removed the ASA as the firewall and switched back to my router as the firewall with port forwarding on it and everything it working as it should.

The problem was with the ASA. I try resetting it and trying it again when I have more time.

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@awshirley Great that you were able to solve it :slight_smile:

@awshirley since your problem was solved, please mark the thread as solved (by marking one of the posts, in this case your own last post), it can help others with similar problems to find answer quicker.

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