Trying to load windows 10 pro with bitlocker on surface go 1 with fedora 38

I have a Surface Go 1 with both windows 10 pro and fedora 38 installed. It has firmware uefi 1.0. The hardware has tpm and Windows uses bitlocker for which I have the recovery key. grub 2 is my default bootloader (I think). I want to boot into windows and have no problem booting into fedora. What information do y’all need about my system to help me troubleshoot this problem?

I’ve tried:

  • Loading windows from the grub menu. There’s one option to boot windows but when I try it tells me I need to reinstall windows and does not even try to accept my recovery key.
  • Setting windows boot manager as highest priority in my uefi but it still appears to load grub and does not load into windows.
  • From fedora, using dolphin, I managed to mount the windows partition once (I was able to browse through its files) using the recovery key but have not been able to reproduce the process.
  • I cannot boot from a USB by setting USB boot to highest priority in uefi menu. So it is not so straightforward to just reinstall fedora. I installed fedora originally by telling my windows os to boot I to the USB.

I do not have a windows install or recovery cd.