Trying to connect using Remmina

Hi again. I use AnyDesk to access remotely my wife’s Fedora 33 workstations at her office. I have being trying to configure Remmina for the same purposes, but I am not even able to connect my two Fedora workstations in our own home. I have being looking around but no tutorial I have found had worked for me (mostly based on Ubuntu and its variants; very little from Fedora). What I have achieved so far (which is not much, actually) involve trying connecting our home workstations. They share the same router via ethernet.
So far, I think I learned I should use VNC as protocol and that this is enabled by allowing sharing in both machines via the settings menu. Then, I select VNC as protocol; enter the ip address of the “remote” workstation and… I get a “VNC server closed connection” message. My guess would be I need to modify the firewall rules. Any ideas, hints or even links would be very much appreciated. Otherwise, I will keep using AnyDesk.

It should work like this:

But there’s a catch on the current version:

Oh, well. Thanks, Vladislav. At least now I know it wast’n like I have lost my way with Linux. For what is worth, I am now running Fedora 34 beta. Let’s hope this gets fixed.

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