Troubles with Nvidia - Lenovo Legion 7 - can i boot in kind of "safe graphic mode"?

hi all,
two weeks ago, i purchased a brandnew lenovo legion 7 laptop with nvidia rtx 3080 graphics.
installed fedora 35 and nvidia 470.x drivers and overall it worked nicely.
today, there was an update for the graphic driver. after its installation, some apps said there was a problem with openGL. so i erased the 470 branche and tryed to install the brandnew 510 driver. without success.
after rebooting, i can hardly see anything, so it is impossible at the moment to fix things.
any advice is highly appreciated. thank you!

Can you run this and show us what is there
lspci | grep 'VGA\|NVIDIA'
And see if the novu one is active or not
lsmod | grep 'nouveau'

And please look into this wiki it has already a good explanation

And can you show what is on the screen looks like.

thank you!
unfortunately, i don’t even get to opening a terminal.
the screen remains black or shows some weird pixels.

Okey have you start with older kernels something from 5.15.X
From the grub try booting with older kernels.

i have the option to chose between 5.16, 5.15 and 5.14. furthermore the
rescue option. all of them end up with a black screen. isn’t there an
option to start with a terminal instead of praphical interface?
thank you!

If you can’t see anything on screen in both case with older kernels also this seems wrong and it is extremely hard to actually find the solution or work for it or try to find the issue i think it the best way to just flash again. And it will not take a long. And see if other have some solution if they could else flash again.

I would suggest that you first try to get into the grub menu by holding down the shift key while booting.
Once the grub menu opens up you can press e to edit the boot file and on the line that begins with “linux” delete the part that says rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nvidia-drm.modeset=1 then press “ctrl+X” to continue booting.
Once that is done then you should be able to finish the boot normally.

If all that fails, then (again from within the grub edit screen) you can boot to either a text login prompt or a single user run level one screen.
For the text login, on the same line beginning with “linux” delete the rhgb quiet and replace it with the number 3
For single user run level one on the same line beginning with “linux” delete the rhgb quiet and replace it with init bash
In both cases I suggest you also delete the parts indicated earlier since those explicitly are related to the drivers for the nvidia card.

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thank you very much for your very helpful explanation!
nevertheless, i did not manage to make thins work again, something must have gone completely wrong. thus, i decided to make a new installation for the machine, trying to adoid the same mistakes. at least, i learned something … i hope! :wink: