Troubles starting up gnome, diagnostic support, please

I would like to ask you for support in guiding me how to diagnose the following problem/situation:

  • system boots up ok
  • when I am logged into gnome/wayland, system runs well
  • from gdm login manager to gnome, often gets me into trouble: system simply hangs 1 out of 2 times and does not proceed/cold restart needed.

I recognise I could try to triangulate the problem by disabling all gnome extensions (for a start) and checking week by week, whether re-enabling one extension after the next correlates with the issue.

Question: which logs to check for potential hints? (and what to look for?)

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The standard thing to do is to disable extensions, or even better: create a new user and see if the issue persists. This quickly tells us if the issue is a system issue or one related to the user account—sometimes configs get mangled, or extensions break, and so on. So, that’s what we suggest as a first step.

From a logs perspective, simply looking at the systemd journal immediately after the issue is most helpful. Here’s some info on looking at the logs: