Trouble with timeshift

Same or similar problem here.

Fresh Fedora 35 installation.
Installed Timeshift throug software manager gui. Starting with no error but not able to select any disk space due to not showing anything in the location tab.

Reinstalled with sudo dnf command. Seemed to install correctly but I can not start the gui. Just on the terminal it responds.

After just trying with sudo timeshift gui I now have a timeshift icon in gnome but when starting same issue with no location visible.

Timeshift says it´s running in “live-usb-modus”. That´s not as intended I guess. ^^

Managed to install latest Timeshift version that works. Needed to do sudo dnf clean all.


Hi, and sorry for being a bit disruptive but from what I understand the problem you’re facing is different from the original poster’s one. That’s why I’ve split it off to a new topic. Hope you agree.

My first suggestion would be to start timeshift from command line and see if it outputs any errors or warnings there.

It´s exactly this issue. So no need to make a separate topic about it imho @augenauf

That’s a different topic than the one you posted in (

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Ah yes. I see. Guess I took the wrong topic by accident. Too late to do stuff like this maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Appreciate the quick responses here so far!! =)

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