Trouble Installing Fedora on Beagle-V Ahead Board

Hey everyone,

I am trying to install Fedora on my Beagle-V Ahead Board but I have been having some trouble getting it working.

Most of my info is coming from these two sources:,

I have tried the following:

  • Downloaded the prebuilt Fedora image for TH1520 platform from here (

  • Flashed it onto an SD card, trying using both balena etcher as well as the dd cli tool

  • Entered USB flash mode by holding usb button then hitting reset and then letting go of the usb button

  • Connected the beagle board to my computer and flashed u-boot for the beaglev board (from here:

  • Powered the device off, inserted the SD card, and then powered device on

  • The LED lights on the board now stay solid and the device does not output anything (without taking these steps, just booting into the image that came on the board, 1 LED stays solid and 1 blinks and I am able to ssh into the machine and it operates as expected).

I have tried using a USB to UART cable in order to access the serial debug console, however when I connect that I am seeing no output from the device.