Trouble in updating the system after fresh install


Hello everyone, I had installed Fedora KDE on my desktop yesterday, so today I was intended to update my system in order to get back into the flow. But I am facing some troubles while attempting to update the system.

  1. The download speed is very low, which is the primary issue :
[dewesh@fedora ~]$ sudo dnf upgrade
Fedora 38 - x86_64                   6% [==                                 ]  19 kB/s | 5.3 MB     75:38 ETA
  1. And then I got error which said something like “failed to contact with mirror…timed out” or something like this.

  2. Then I tried to followed the different method to update the system via GUI, but still the bar got stuck at one place :

How should I proceed in order to resolve this issue ?

might be some provider quirks like restart router and wait and restart then PC and try again.

sometimes it is slow sometimes it is fast depends on traffic etc, butt with out better info i would go for restart router and PC and use terminal to update

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Yes this how I am also intended to go.

In my case, I tethering internet via mobile, so I will go as per suggestion and restart both mobile as well as PC and then will try to update afterwards.

Just a bad internet connection. Try again later.